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“Front 21/42” is a non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organization, registered as Citizens Association in January 2005. The ultimate mission of Front 21/42 is harmonization of the society with nature.

Permaculture - Practical solution for sustainable living

Permaculture is a system of functional design of sustainable living systems in balance with the ecological and biological principles of nature. Its goal is to satisfy people's needs by creating a balanced human environment. It is a practical solution for the environmental problems of our time.

The word ‘Permaculture’ was derived from the term permanent agriculture.

Permaculture integrates sustainable agriculture, sustainable building, infrastructure and their mutual relations and relation with the environment.

The ideological principles of Permaculture are:

-          working with rather than against nature,

-          prolonged and thoughtful observation rather than hard and thoughtless labor, and

-          treating plants and animals in the light of all their functions, rather than as separate elements of a mono-cultural system.

The ethical principles of Permaculture are:

-          care of Earth,

-          care of people, and

-          limits to consumption and share of surplus, as well as limits to population.

The concept of Permaculture was established in the 70’s of the 20th century by the Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

It immediately became very popular. Today throughout the world, there are many organizations and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people involved in Permaculture.

The beginning of Permaculture in Macedonia is in 1999.

Today there are many citizens’ associations and individuals involved in Permaculture, as well as a web group Permakultura-MK, which serves to share information and experiences on Permaculture and sustainable ways of living.

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Do you want to prevent a re-start of the smelter in Veles? What to do in a case of activation of TEC Negotino? Do you worry about the announcements for nuclear power plant in Macedonia?

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